On your way down Center Road, watch for the old Lebanon Town Pound. It was constructed in 1813 and restored in 2001 by The Lebanon Historical Society. Town pounds were used in the past for animals that had strayed from their owner's farm.
On your way down Center Road, watch for the old Lebanon Town Pound. It was constructed in 1813 and restored in 2001 by The Lebanon Historical Society. Town pounds were used in the past for animals that had strayed from their owner's farm.

Frequently Asked Questions at Berry Best Farm

Limited Days Open/Hours Open This Year. Read July 16, 2019 Update:

Important Information About Days/Hours This Year:

As we explained in our recent e-newsletter, due to the smaller than usual blueberry crop this year we will likely be open only one or two days each week. It all depends on the amount of blueberries available for picking. Our first day open for blueberries will be this Saturday, July 20th. There will not be a regular schedule of open hours/days this year -- it will be decided day to day. Before heading out to the farm, we ask that you please call us at 207-457-1435 and listen to the recording which we will update daily on the current conditions and whether or not we will be open. You can also visit the website, or visit the farm Facebook page for information, but calling the farm is best for the latest info. The raspberries are looking good and will be ripe for picking very soon and we will post updates when they are ready. The peaches are looking fantastic, but won't be ready until mid-August. We thank you for understanding and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 207-457-1435

Chris and John

When are the peaches usually ready?

2019 is a great year for peaches! We are closed Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2019 for ripening. Open on Wed., Aug. 21st to finish out the Garnet Beauty variety of peaches, 8am-5pm. Closed on Thursday, Aug. 22nd -- and possibly longer -- to allow for ripening of the Red Haven peach variety. To find out the latest picking conditions, and to confirm availability, please call us at 207-457-1435 before heading out.

When are the blueberries going to be ripe?*

* Read Chris and John's newsletter from June 23 regarding this year's smaller than usual blueberry crop.

For the latest blueberry info., please phone the farm at 207-457-1435; visit our Home page; or visit our Facebook page. You can also subscribe to our email list to receive email notifications when each fruit ripens.

Should we phone the farm before we come? Yes!

We always recommend -- especially if you are traveling a long distance -- to please call the farm before heading out to confirm that we are open and find out what the latest status is on blueberry, raspberry or peach picking. It takes just a moment to give us a call before heading out. Conditions can vary from day to day and even hour to hour. We are a small, family-run farm and may need to close the farm unexpectedly due to weather, etc. We do our best to quickly post any updates to our website and Facebook pages to keep our customers informed, but you can always get the latest info. by calling: 207-457-1435.

Can I bring my dog to the farm? NO, with the exception of service dogs.

Sorry, we do not allow dogs on the farm--not even left in your parked car. There is no shady parking and your pet will be more comfortable if left at home.

Farm Speed Limit, Please drive slowly and beware of small kids and dogs.

To ensure that everyone has a nice, relaxing time when visiting the farm, please obey the farm speed limit of 5mph anywhere on the property. We are a family-friendly farm and there may be small children or our farm dogs anywhere at any time.

What do we do in the winter?

Answer: In the winter we enjoy traveling, going out to breakfast, and volunteering with several different local organizations. And then in the spring most of our time is spent getting ready for the next picking season.

Are you open at night?

Update July 16, 2019: This does not apply in 2019 with our new limited open days/hours.

Answer: Typically, in season, we open on Tuesday nights until 7:00pm. Other nights we close at 5:00pm. We are closed on Mondays. (We hope to return to this schedule in 2020.)

What is the difference between low bush "wild" blueberries and high bush "cultivated" blueberries?

Wild blueberries grow naturally along the Maine coast, especially in the "Down East" area. These berries are small and grow close to the ground. Maine is the #1 world wild blueberry producer. These berries are picked primarily for the frozen and processed market. Cultivated high bush blueberries were developed by researchers 60 - 70 years ago by selectively breeding "wild" high bush blueberries. These are now often referred to as the "BIG" berries. These are marketed as fresh berries and are what you are picking here at Berry Best Farm. We have eleven different varieties that extend the ripening season from mid-July through August. Do they taste the same? Yes, but many people prefer one over the other. They are nutritionally the same!

Should we bring our own containers?

Answer: We provide picking buckets, but if you want to bring your own container, you can.

Is the fruit grown organically?

Answer: No, we do spray our fruit as needed to control certain pests. All of our fruit is grown using minimal amounts of herbicides and pesticides. We use IPM (integrated pest management), low-spray conventional agricultural practices.

Have you been in the field happily picking your berries and wondered what on earth is making the screeching sound?

Birds love blueberries and can "harvest" up to 10 percent of our crop! They "pick" early morning and early evening when you are not there. We have added this electronic bird alarm system to serve as a deterrent for the flocking birds such as Starlings. The screeching sound simulates a bird in distress, hopefully keeping the birds away. It is only partly effective however.

What else can we do when we visit the farm?


Take a Photo in our new Blueberry Basket sign: A local artist painted a beautiful blueberry basket cutout board for photos. It makes a great souvenir of your day spent at the farm.

Take a Stroll: Take a half-hour stroll through the woods on our new forest trail. Pick up a map at the farm store before heading out.

Bring a Picnic Lunch: We have a large picnic table adjacent to the fields if you would like to bring a lunch. Visit the Town Pound: Stop and see the Lebanon Town Pound on your way down Center Road. A stone structure built in 1813 to hold stray farm animals.

Play Some Golf: You will pass Lebanon Pines Golf Course on your way down Center Road coming to the farm. It is a great low-key place to play nine holes.

Visit Prospect Hills Winery: They craft 16 unique wines from their 13 different grape varieties. They offer wine tastings, vineyard tours, and grape harvesting. Located at 318 Orrills Hill Road, Lebanon. Phone: 207-651-9335 www.ProspectHillWines.com

We would like to bring a picnic lunch. Is that OK?

Answer: We have one very large picnic table you are welcome to use.

How do I freeze blueberries?

Answer: You can enjoy our berries all year 'round by freezing them. Just spread fresh berries out on a cooking sheet one layer thick and put them in the freezer for a few hours. Do not wash berries! After they are frozen you can put the berries into a freezer storage bag and store the freezer. You can have delicious berries all through the winter!

Is the farm handicapped accessible?

Answer: Yes, with permission in advance, you are able to drive your car to the edge of the blueberry fields.

Do you have restrooms?

Answer: Yes, we have a frequently maintained porta-potty.