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Update July 16, 2019:

Important Information About Days/Hours This Year:

As we explained in our recent e-newsletter, due to the smaller than usual blueberry crop this year we will likely be open only one or two days each week. It all depends on the amount of blueberries available for picking. Our first day open for blueberries will be this Saturday, July 20th. There will not be a regular schedule of open hours/days this year -- it will be decided day to day. Before heading out to the farm, we ask that you please call us at 207-457-1435 and listen to the recording which we will update daily on the current conditions and whether or not we will be open. You can also visit the website, or visit the farm Facebook page for information, but calling the farm is best for the latest info. The raspberries are looking good and will be ripe for picking very soon and we will post updates when they are ready. The peaches are looking fantastic, but won't be ready until mid-August. We thank you for understanding and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 207-457-1435

Chris and John

Raspberries - Call for the latest info. Wednesday, July 24th was the first day we started picking and they typically last about two weeks. Phone: 207-457-1435.


Blueberries - Small Crop in 2019 -- Please call for the latest conditions before heading out!

Update August 3, 2019: CLOSED THIS WEEKEND, August 3rd and 4th.


Update June 23, 2019: The winter of 2018-2019 has had an impact on our blueberry crop. It will be a very small crop this year and our normal open days for picking will be affected. Please call the farm before heading out just to confirm that we will be open, what our hours are, and if there are any blueberries to pick: 207-457-1435. 


Peaches - 2019 It is a GREAT year for peaches!

Closed Tuesday, August 20 for ripening. Next open date for peach picking will be Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2019. Hours 8am-5pm. Closed on Thursday, Aug. 22nd. Call after that for our next open date. 207-457-1435


We Do Not Sell Strawberries


Agricultural Practices

All of our fruit is grown using minimal amounts of herbicides and pesticides. We use IPM (integrated pest management), low-spray conventional agricultural practices.