Fruit Information

Raspberries, Blueberries, Peaches

Raspberries - Done. Always a short season for raspberries, just two weeks end of June beginning of July approximately. Please call us if you want to pick your own raspberries by appointment.


Blueberries - should be ready approximately July 15th. Please check back for exact date.


Peaches - Should be a good year for peach picking. Usually ready mid-August.


We DO NOT Sell Strawberries

Agricultural Practices

All of our fruit is grown using minimal amounts of herbicides and pesticides. We use IPM (integrated pest management), low-spray conventional agricultural practices.

Picking Information

  • There may be new days open and hours in 2021. Please check back.
  • Please note that we are a family run, working farm. Occasionally, we find it necessary to close the farm due to weather conditions, ripening, etc. It is always best to call ahead on the day you are visiting the farm to confirm that we are open and to see what the picking conditions are for that day.
  • When you arrive, please drive slowly all the way up the driveway past the barns, to the top of the hill, park and check in at the store. Please be aware that at times there are kids playing, loose dogs and horses being ridden on the driveway--so please drive slowly--5mph.
  • We provide the picking totes. You may bring your own container if you want to. 
  • All blueberry fields are handicapped accessible.
  • Fruit is sold by the pound.
  • No dogs allowed, with the exception of service dogs.

Questionable Weather? Driving a long distance? Please call the farm ahead at 207-457-1435 to confirm that we are open. Thank you.